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old camera I was born in Bristol, England and never got round to leaving. I was given my first camera (a very simple point and shoot one) at the age of about 7. I used it on and off over the years until I became really interested in photography when I was 13. A camera club started up at my school and once I was taught how to develop and print black and white photographs I was locked away in the darkroom at every available moment. Watching a print appear in the developer still fascinates me.

steps I did an Art Foundation Course and became interested in audio visual programmes, using slides and audio tape. This led me on to a two year Audio Visual Course where I studied graphic design, computer graphics, audio visual, video and photography which gave me a basic all-round knowledge. I discovered video editing and decided that was quite good fun and what I would like to do for a job. I abandoned photography for quite a few years as I became engrossed in learning as much as possible about the craft and technology of editing. Eventually, I rediscovered my camera and rediscovered the enjoyment of taking photographs. I am now building up my library both on film and digital formats.

backlit tree Most of my photography is colour, although many of my photographs have a monochromatic bias to them. My favourite subjects are natural ones, such as landscapes and plants, but the shapes and textures of architecture also fascinate me. I think the light is the most important factor. There are special moments when the light is right and the view or subject in front of you looks perfect. When you can capture that it makes all the waiting, walking and failed photographs worthwhile.

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