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I have been a video editor for 21 years, working as both an online and offline editor. For the last seven years I have concentrated more on offlining. I have worked on commercials, pop promos, title sequences, corporate, training, news and broadcast programmes. I have experience of many different programme styles, timescales and budgets. Some of the work has a fast turnaround and a deadline to meet, such as conference inserts and news releases. Other programmes require a high degree of creativity and complex graphics work. I am used to working with experienced directors and producers, and with corporate clients who have little or no experience of making a programme or working alone, sometimes taking over from the director at the post production stage.
Non linear: I am most familiar with Avid’s products in both offline and online situations (Media Composer, Xpress, Symphony, Adrenaline) but also use Final Cut Pro and Media 100.

Linear: I haven't done any linear editing for a whle so would want to refamiliarise myself with the equipment before jumping straight into a job. The equipment I am most familiar with is the Sony BVE9100 edit controller; BTS, Sony and Dave vision mixers; Sony DME; Thomson Colorado and Digital Vision DVNR colour correctors. I have experience of Paltex and Panasonic edit controllers, Cox and Grass Valley vision mixers, ADO and Charisma. I also have experience with High Definition.
Many of the programmes I have edited involved aspect ratio conversion, noise reduction and colour correction. A lot of programmes I have worked on consisted entirely of library material so the colour correction was one of the most important parts of the process. I also improved the picture quality of film originated material by removing hairs and other defects.

I have also trained people in the basic skills of non linear editing, both individually and as part of a regular communications skills course.

I don't have copies of many of the programmes I worked on but here is a short showreel.

Broadcast series using complex graphic sequences created in the edit suite: Amazing Animals,
Spirit of the Jaguar
Human Nature Trilogy
Broadcast series (offline): The Real Dad’s Army in Wales,
Carousels & Candyfloss,
United Tastes of America with Dorinda Hafner
Building the Dream
Dickinson's Real Deal
Various documentaries for these broadcast strands: Omnibus,
South Bank Show
Wild Indonesia
Training videos: Prudential Assurance,
Action on Elder Abuse,
Pop promos: KLF,
Echo & the Bunnymen
News releases: European Space Agency,
South Western Electricity
Corporate promos: Royal Opera House,
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital,

(Directed & edited)
A training programme that teaches a holistic energy technique. For general sale and also available for viewing over the internet
Deeper & Deeper
(Directed & edited)
A 3 camera live stage hypnosis show to be marketed as a stand alone video. The preparation for the event was also filmed to make a longer version of the programme for trainee stage hypnotists.
Bristol Blue
(Directed & edited)
A documentary about Bristol Blue Glass, showing how it is made and telling the history of the process. Sold through the factory shop and internet.
The Essence of Bristol & The Essence of Wiltshire
(Directed & edited)
Two programmes showing the landscape and architecture of the area and telling some of the history. Sold in Tourist Information and National Trust shops.
Signing Science
A programme to make science more accessible to deaf children. 3 deaf presenters explain science to children using British Sign Language. For educational use in deaf schools.
Fairfield - the first 100 years
(Directed & edited)
The history of a school told through interviews with ex pupils and teachers. Sold through the school and internet.
Domestic Removals
A training programme for the British Association of Removers, showing the correct way to prepare for and carry out a move.
Spider Filter
(Directed & edited)
A programme that explains how to fit a pond filter and stock a garden pond. For general sale and distribution with the product.

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